2010 Sarawak--Calendar of Events砂拉越旅遊節目表

17-25 April

Mukah Kaul Festival (Thanksgiving Festival of the Melanau, seafaring community in Mukah)(4月17-25日: 沐膠--祭海節)---Kaul is a traditional festival celebrated by the Melanau living along the coast of central Sarawak region. The festival is a ritual of purification and thanksgiving to the spirit of the sea as well as one of the propitiation for good fortune.

14-15 May

Miri International Jazz Festival.(5月14-15日:美里--國際爵士音樂節)

1-3 June

Irau Aco Lun Bawang (Pesta Lung Bawang)(6月1-3日:老越--倫巴彎人豐收節)---this festival is traditionally a celebration of the rice harvest, but now it showcases a variety of Lun Bawang culture and events such as Ruran Ulung (beauty pageant contest) and ngiup suling (bamboo musical instrument band).(in Lawas)

4-6 June

Pesta Babulang (Buffalo Race Festival)(6月4-6日:林夢--比沙亞人"水牛節")---Pesta Babulang is a buffalo race festival which is significant to Bisaya community in Limbang. (Organised by the Bisaya Association and introduced as a tourism event for the area. (in Limbang)

19-20 June

Baleh-Kapit Raft Safari(in Kapit)

16-25 July

Borneo Cultural Festival(7月16-25日:詩巫--"婆羅洲文化節")---a week-long celebration of food, music and dances celebrating the diverse cultural background of Borneo community such as Iban (Dayak), Melanau, Malay and Chinese. BCF stands as Sibu biggest tourism event. (in Sibu)

8-11 July

Rainforest World Craft Bazaar (in conjunction with Rainforest World Music Festival)(7月8-11日:古晉--世界雨林手工藝展). (in Kuching, at Sarawak Cultural Village, Santubong)

9-11 July

Rainforest World Music Festival (Santubong, Kuching)(7月9-11日:古晉--世界雨林音樂節)

31 July-2 August

Sarawak Regatta (at Kuching Waterfront)(7月31日-8月2日:古晉--砂拉越河賽船盛會)

2 August

Kuching Street Parade (part of Kuching Festival held the whole month of August)(8月2日:古晉節遊行)

17-22 September

Sarawak Inter-Cultural Moon Cake Festival ( at Carpenter Street, Kuching)(9月17-22日:古晉--多元文化中秋節慶祝會)

17-26 September

Lantern Festival (Sibu Town Square)(9月17-26日:詩巫--中秋節燈會)

29 September-4 October

Borneo International Kites Festival (at Old Airport Compound, Bintulu)(9月29日-10月4日:民都魯--國際風箏節)

4-9 October

Borneo International Yachting Challenge (in Miri)(10月4-9日:美里--國際帆船賽)


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